Best Healthy Living Website: FitSugar

When it comes to living a fit and healthy lifestyle, there is no shortage of websites out there to help you achieve your goals.  From health magazine sites to diet meal-plan sites, women especially are bombarded with sites claiming to help you lose that weight or get those abs, but few realistically help you get there.  Most ignore the balance needed to feasibly lose weight and get fit, instead focusing on one aspect of healthy living, such as diet or exercise alone.  However, before giving up on fitness altogether, you should check out the few websites that promote an overall healthy lifestyle change – such as the winner of our Best Healthy Living Website: FitSugar.

FitSugar is a subset of the popular website PopSugar, but with a complete emphasis on fitness and healthy living.  The mark of a good fitness website, FitSugar contains section on workouts, healthy living, weight loss and inspiration from various sources, including celebrities.  The presentation of the information is what sets FitSugar apart from its competitors, with easy to follow slideshow workouts, complete with self-explanatory pictures.  Featuring many bodyweight and no-equipment workouts, FitSugar removes the ability to make excuses such as “I can’t get to the gym today” or “I don’t have the right equipment to workout at home.”  They also offer yoga and Pilates routines for a more relaxed road to fitness, as well as myriads of healthy recipes, especially lower calorie versions of popular meals to make healthy eating more enjoyable.

Runner Up: Greatist

Following close behind FitSugar in the race for Best Healthy Living Website was Greatist, a similarly health-focused website.  It has a great layout with only three main sections: Fitness, Health, and Happiness.  We love the inclusion of happiness, because isn’t that the true goal of anyone striving for weight loss or fitness? The happiness section includes inspiration, ways to deal with stress, as well as tips for better sleeping and keeping healthy while having a social life.  Their health section is mostly focused on recipes and nutrition, but also features a section on alcohol that gives tips on how to drink without overdoing it and sabotaging a diet.  The fitness section is also nicely broken out, with sections for cardio, interval training and yoga, thereby offering visitors a choice of their favorite method of fitness.