Best Live Chat for Customer Service

In this digital age, many people cringe when they realize they will be forced to call a company for a customer service issue.   They shudder to think of the unending keypad options they will have to endure, followed by an interminable amount of time spent on hold and culminating in an extremely poor overall experience.  Even if a business has a perfectly pleasant call center, the dread people feel for this expected experience will often prevent them from calling in, leaving them unsatisfied and less likely to become repeat customers.

However, a solution for this problem has come in the form of online live chat options, which some websites offer in addition to phone support.  Usually, the consumer fills out a short form (directing them to the correct person) and then is able to chat in real time with an expert.  Even if there is some waiting time, it gives less of an impression of wasted time, as the person is on their computer and can easily switch to another window in the meantime.  In general, this service elevates a website and heightens the overall customer experience.

Winner: 1-800-Contacts

When it comes to live chat, the website for 1-800-Contacts wins the prize with their quick responses and overall effectiveness.  Since it’s safe to assume most visitors will be concerned with contacts, the initial form is extremely simple and only asks for a name and how they can help you with your issue.  The response is usually almost instantaneous, even in peak hours, which dramatically reduces the total time of the process.

Most important, however, is their commitment to service, which caused them to rise to the top of our “Best Live Chat for Customer Service” list. Not only do they respond quickly, but they actually serve the customer, helping to rectify issues and going out of their way to make the customer happy.  They painlessly send free replacements for defective contacts and offer refunds or free products to appease an unhappy customer.

Runner Up: Connor’s Pest Protection

A small family-owned business in the Washington, DC area, Connor’s Pest Protection receives the runner-up spot for being one of the first of its kind to adopt this newer feature.  While live chat is still a work in progress for many large and small companies alike, Connor’s Pest Protection has set up a fully functional system that allows customers to ask questions from every day pest control inquiries to how to get rid of bed bugs– and receive an answer from a qualified expert.