Fly in Style: A Look at Private Jet Memberships

Tired of flying in cramped spaces? Fed up with delays on New York airport tarmacs? Well, now you can fly in style when you subscribe to a Private Jet Membership like Sergey Petrossov’s JetSmarter. If you think that private jets are beyond your budget, you need to take a closer look. There are new companies that are providing charter flight options for any passenger at a cost that is often similar to a first-class airline ticket. Whether you are flying for business or pleasure and once or multiple times a month, there are a variety of companies offering options to and from all of New York’s airports.

Private Jet Options

Share an asset – This is similar to purchasing a vacation timeshare. You pay an annual fee for a contracted period of years and you have an asset that you can use when and how you choose. This option is primarily for a business that flies multiple individuals frequently during a year but there are no restrictions as to who may enter into the contract.

Lease Time – This is the option where you make monthly payments over a two to five-year period of time and then reserve a seat on your chartered airline when you need it. The maximum number of hours you can fly is 50 per year.

Jet Membership – Many celebrities like Apple CEO, Tim Cook and Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg have found what is called the most economical, efficient, and convenient way to fly in a private jet. And now you can have that same access with a Private Jet Membership. For a flat monthly or annual fee you get access to comfortable seating on charter flights and 24/7 customer service for last minute arrangements. With some memberships, you can even work with a concierge who not only arranges your flight, but also personalizes your flight with food, drinks, and other amenities, and with service arrangements in your destination city. Members also receive discounted rates, a choice of specific types of aircrafts, and the guarantee of no hidden fees like baggage handling or plane de-icing.

Whether you’re flying to or from JFK, Newark, La Guardia, or Teterboro airport, remember that you can now fly in style. So, the next time you fly, you may want to consider chartering a jet plane.