Most Comprehensive Rich List: Born Rich

The American public has always harbored a fascination with the rich and famous, spawning an entire industry of gossip magazines and websites focused entirely on the lives of these celebrities.  Where they live, what they wear, where they go and what they eat are all subject to scrutiny, with the general public consuming every scrap of information regarding their living habits.  One of the frequent topics of curiosity is just how much money these people have, partially to put it into perspective and partially because the average person can’t even fathom controlling that much money.  This widespread interest in celebrity wealth has given birth to a variety of websites keeping tabs on the net worth of some of the world’s richest people, including lists of the richest of the rich.

Receiving the award for Most Comprehensive Rich List is a site called Born Rich, which not only catalogues a celebrity’s net worth, but also what they do with it.  Each celebrity’s profile includes a list of homes and estates, yachts, planes, or cars, and even favored holiday destinations.  As a nod to decency, the site also features any charities that a certain celebrity might support.  The widespread set of features is not the only reason for this site taking home the gold; they are quite comprehensive, featuring in-depth profiles for even lesser known celebrities and other wealthy individuals.

Take Vikram Chatwal for example.  An Indian-American hotelier, his estimated net worth is $450 million; clearly much more than the average person will make in a lifetime, but a sum that pales in comparison to the $73 billion boasted by members of the site’s top 10.  However, despite his lack of renown, Vikram’s profile is still a full-featured affair including pictures and information about his life and preferences that Wikipedia doesn’t even touch upon.

It is this commitment to excellence and thoroughness that puts Born Rich a step above similar websites.  Any site can feature profiles on Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, but many aren’t dedicated enough to fill out their lower ranks. The idea of tracking the earnings and spending habits of famous people may seem tacky to some, but at least if you are going to do so, commit to doing it well.