Most Tempting Island Destination Websites

Who doesn’t look around their cubicle every once in awhile and wish they were laying on a tropical island beach instead, drinking a frozen cocktail? If you’re like me, you might assuage this wanderlust by browsing the internet and staring at pictures of places much cooler than wherever you are. Assuming I’m not the only one who does this, the Most Tempting Island Destination Website awards were created to help guide your hopeful browsing and are guaranteed to make your current location seem drab and dull in comparison. These awards were given to the site in a given region that most makes you want to put on your swimsuit and sunglasses and hop on a plane.

Pacific Islands: The Kingdom of Tonga

Halfway across the world from my desk in the U.S., the website for Tonga makes me feel like I’ve been transported to the Pacific Islands and you’ll hear no complaints from me. The stunning pictures of islands and beaches are intermixed with photos of natives and wildlife that indicate there’s more to Tonga than the unspoiled stretches of sand. I’m particularly partial to the “10 Reasons to Discover the True South Pacific” – quite honestly they had me after three but the list is worth reading through. Do you think my boss would accept “I’m on Tonga Time” as an acceptable excuse for missing a deadline?

Caribbean: Camana Bay, Grand Cayman

When thinking of the Caribbean, the Cayman Islands weren’t usually first to come to mind as a vacation getaway – unless I was imagining I just completed an embezzlement scheme. However, the website for Camana Bay has completely changed that and made me want to “stay for a lifetime,” as their website so kindly invites. With the many things to do in Cayman Islands, a vacation there would not necessarily be idle but it would definitely be relaxing (except maybe when hanging out in Stingray City).

Hawaiian Islands: Oahu

If you don’t feel like getting a passport for this mental vacation of yours, look no further than the beautiful Hawaiian Islands. With six major islands, each with their own attributes and attractions, there’s no shortage of beautiful pictures on the Go Hawaii website. The pictures of Oahu are most likely to send you into a pleasurable coma, so it wins the award for most tempting.