Real Estate in NYC and Celebrities

In New York City, one of the most prominent industries is the real estate market that has made the city the metropolitan center that it is today. Buildings are all over the place, and the real estate market is more profitable there than anywhere else. All of the most influential real estate companies have settled in the big city, and they have brought with them some famous names. Among those names, Donald Trump has visited many developments in the city as well as the former President, Barack Obama, and Joe Sitt.

Ashley Olsen is another famous name that has recently bought a very luxurious condominium in NYC, Greenwich Village. Adam Levine, on the other hand, is selling his SoHo while his first child is about to be born.

Here are some of the most influential companies in the Real Estate of New York:


Short for Real Estate Maximus, this strong brand was founded in 1973. They are always trying to push their boundaries. With over 40 years in the market, it is not only one of the strongest forces in the U.S. real estate industry, but it has also spread to countries all over the world, developing luxurious mansions, commercial buildings, and apartment complexes. Their presence in NYC is all over the place as they have a lot of properties around the city.

Century 21

With their headquarters in New Jersey, USA, they are another strong candidate among the most famous real estate agencies in the world and have settled properties in the big city since its foundation. Do not confuse with the Century 21 department store which has also found its way in the NYC commercial streets.

The Real Estate has over 1000 rooms for sale just in New York with prices that range from less than $1,000 to more than $10,000, depending on what you’re expecting to buy.

Coldwell Banker

With its foundation in 1906 in California, it is one of the oldest real estate enterprises, and because of that they also have their roots in the big city since it wasn’t all that big. With homes for sales and rent, they have over 50 countries where they have properties. Their golden history as a well-known company in the field has led them to be one of the most trusted and top-rated realty services available.

Now, one of the most modern enterprises in the field of real estate, Zillow was created in 2006, by former Microsoft executives.
They don’t have as many properties as the other big sharks in this list, but they offer several features that make them stand out from the others. They make the customer experience valuable: With aerial views of available homes and the option to compare houses and their prices, Zillow is quickly growing in popularity across the entire country.