Responsive or Mobile Web Design?

Are you a business owner willing to create website to improve your online presence?  Your web designer will first ask you to choose between mobile web design and responsive design. The total number of traffic and the client conversion rates that your site achieves is dependent on your selection of the right web design. Compare and contrast the essential aspects of these two types of design and then select one that caters to your requirement perfectly.

Total cost

Those who are willing to start the businesses, the initial start-up price become the integral part of marketing strategy. Considering the reduced time as well as simplicity, the price of creating mobile website is much less than creating responsive variant. The small owners of business who wish to create a mobile website often pay negligible amount.  Responsive design, on other hand, requires substantial amount of optimization, testing and coding. In addition, the coding price per hour is significantly higher than the responsive web design. Overall, the initial price for responsive design is high. The mobile web design is the best option for small businesses who wish to focus only on cost.

Redesigning as well as maintenance

Maintenance cost is the major decisive factor in your choice between mobile web and responsive web design. As the term suggests, the mobile web requires good maintenance. It happens due the changing trends of Smartphones. If trends and technology change frequently, redesigning the mobile website is a bit expensive. Compared to mobile web, maintenance cost for responsive web is less costly. The blend of media queries and fluid grids helps you to maintain design easily. In addition, this smart blending also helps the overall redesigning process of responsive web is fast and simple.


The owners of business ensure that they create the biggest impact with only a handful of resources. Efficiency is a prime factor in this matter. Both responsive web design and mobile design offer different impact. For example, the mobile web offers easy and simple navigation and also fast loading times for the Smartphone users. However the online users can use wide-ranging platforms such as personal computer, laptops and tablets.

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