Sports Website Design Awards

Sports websites have to walk a difficult line – they need to express the motion, power and spirit of sport while also accomplishing the goals of the site itself. When perusing websites in this genre, it immediately becomes clear that custom backgrounds are a cornerstone of the industry, but that each subgenre has their own structural design based on their objectives. Whether it’s a sports news site looking to impart large quantities of information or an athlete’s personal website conveying both his/her abilities and personality, the structure of the site can make or break a sports website. To this end, we’ve picked out the best in each subgenre of sports websites based on both design and structure, as well as the degree to which they’ve fulfilled the objective of their respective subgenre.

Best Athlete Personal Site: Rory McIlroy

Although not as popular a sport as some of the others played in America, it was one of golf’s rising stars whose website takes home the prize for Best Athlete Personal Site. Rory McIlroy’s website has a simple but intriguing design that is very aesthetically pleasing. With a series of black and white photographs taking up the main page, he defines himself in five congruent sentences. “I am a golfer. I am an athlete. I am a fan. I am a son. I am Rory.”

Best Sports News Site: Fox Sports News

Despite the wealth of information contained on the homepage of the Fox Sports News website, its clean design allows for easy navigation without overwhelming its visitors. The ticker along the top gives scores of current games, while links to specific sporting pages are easily accessible. The news itself is dominated by a single article with a photo, complimented by a sidebar of recent headlines. This combination brought the title of Best Sports News Site to Fox Sports.

Best Sports Team Site: BP Team USA

While an unlikely choice for Best Sports Team Site, the award goes to the website for BP Team USA. Made up of BP-sponsored Olympic athletes, the BP Team USA website functions as a fully-featured site during the Olympic season, with athlete bios and up-to-date news information. However, in the off season, it is beautiful in its simplicity. It consists of one visually stimulating background picture with a giant countdown: “Days Until Team USA takes on the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games.”