The Tech News Awards

First Place:

When it comes to news about the technology world, is the go-to website for in-depth coverage of current and future trends in technology.  Not only do they offer real-time news about events in the tech world, but also their impact on business, entertainment, communications and other areas of the world outside of tech.  The site also features a host of blogs on a variety of topics as well as publishing their own awards, called the Vaporware Awards.

With sections including gear, science, entertainment, business, security, design, opinion and video, covers every aspect of technology that a reader could ever want.  The site itself was originally the online counterpart to Wired magazine, which is a full-color monthly magazine.  However the site split off when the magazine was bought by Condé Nast Publishing in the 1990’s and became its own entity, publishing daily online content.  However, when the website was bought by the magazine’s owners in 2006, the two were reunited at long last and the site once again features content from the magazine.

Second Place:

TechCrunch is a site focused on information technology, and more specifically the companies within that sector.  It features technology news and analysis, but also large quantities of information on the companies operating within the information technology sphere.  The site includes sections on startups, mobile, and gadgets, but also includes quick links to tags for popular companies such as Apple, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, Google, Microsoft and NSA.

TechCrunch also sponsors Crunchbase, which is a free database of the companies, people and investors that make up the technology industry.  The database can be edited by anyone and therefore is constantly being updated.  It features over 150,000 companies and 172,000 people, making it one of the most comprehensive databases of its kind.

Third Place:

Although not as far-reaching as the other two, is known as the absolute authority when it comes to gadget news and digital culture.  It follows more of a blog format than the other two and focuses primarily on design and technology.  It is a subset of the Gawker Media network run by Nick Denton.