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Responsive or Mobile Web Design?

Are you a business owner willing to create website to improve your online presence?  Your web designer will first ask you to choose between mobile web design and responsive design. The total number of traffic and the client conversion rates that your site achieves is dependent on your selection of the right web design. Compare and...

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Best NYC Multi-Ticket Sites

New York City is one of the most popular places to visit in the world. With its world famous sites, it is no surprise that New York City attracts close to 50 million tourists each year. Finding the best way to see the City’s greatest attractions without emptying your wallet can be challenging. Below are two travel guide sites for...

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Most Tempting Island Destination Websites

Who doesn’t look around their cubicle every once in awhile and wish they were laying on a tropical island beach instead, drinking a frozen cocktail? If you’re like me, you might assuage this wanderlust by browsing the internet and staring at pictures of places much cooler than wherever you are. Assuming I’m not the only one who...

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The Readers’ Resource Awards

Although reading is a pastime that has transcended the ages, the internet has nevertheless revolutionized the overall reading experience. Modern readers have many advantages that weren’t available to their predecessors, including instant access to classic books, highly accurate recommendations, and the ability to connect with...

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Best Live Chat for Customer Service

In this digital age, many people cringe when they realize they will be forced to call a company for a customer service issue.   They shudder to think of the unending keypad options they will have to endure, followed by an interminable amount of time spent on hold and culminating in an extremely poor overall experience.  Even if a...

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Best Audio Website

Winner: Self-identifying as the “largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of music & audio,” SoundCloud was originally designed to be the Vimeo or Flickr for musicians.  A Swedish sound designer and artist collaborated to start this project with the original idea of allowing artists to simply...

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