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Real Estate in NYC and Celebrities

In New York City, one of the most prominent industries is the real estate market that has made the city the metropolitan center that it is today. Buildings are all over the place, and the real estate market is more profitable there than anywhere else. All of the most influential real estate companies have settled in the big city, and they have brought with them some famous names. Among those names, Donald Trump has visited many developments in the city as well as the former President, Barack Obama, and Joe Sitt. Ashley Olsen is another famous name that has recently bought a very luxurious condominium in NYC, Greenwich Village. Adam Levine, on the other hand, is selling his SoHo while his first child is about to be born. Here are some of the most influential companies in the Real Estate of New York: ReMax Short for Real Estate Maximus, this strong brand was founded in 1973. They are always trying to push their boundaries. With over 40 years in the market, it is not only one of the strongest forces in the U.S. real estate industry, but it has also spread to countries all over the world, developing luxurious mansions, commercial buildings, and apartment complexes. Their presence in NYC is all over the place as they have a lot of properties around the city. Century 21 With their headquarters in New Jersey, USA, they are another strong candidate among the most famous real estate agencies in the world and have settled properties in the big city since its foundation. Do not confuse with the Century 21 department store which has also found its way in the NYC commercial streets. The Real Estate has over 1000 rooms for sale just in New York with prices that range from less than $1,000 to more than $10,000, depending on what you’re expecting to buy. Coldwell Banker With its foundation in 1906 in California, it is one of the oldest real estate enterprises, and because of that they...

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Responsive or Mobile Web Design?

Are you a business owner willing to create website to improve your online presence?  Your web designer will first ask you to choose between mobile web design and responsive design. The total number of traffic and the client conversion rates that your site achieves is dependent on your selection of the right web design. Compare and contrast the essential aspects of these two types of design and then select one that caters to your requirement perfectly. Total cost Those who are willing to start the businesses, the initial start-up price become the integral part of marketing strategy. Considering the reduced time as well as simplicity, the price of creating mobile website is much less than creating responsive variant. The small owners of business who wish to create a mobile website often pay negligible amount.  Responsive design, on other hand, requires substantial amount of optimization, testing and coding. In addition, the coding price per hour is significantly higher than the responsive web design. Overall, the initial price for responsive design is high. The mobile web design is the best option for small businesses who wish to focus only on cost. Redesigning as well as maintenance Maintenance cost is the major decisive factor in your choice between mobile web and responsive web design. As the term suggests, the mobile web requires good maintenance. It happens due the changing trends of Smartphones. If trends and technology change frequently, redesigning the mobile website is a bit expensive. Compared to mobile web, maintenance cost for responsive web is less costly. The blend of media queries and fluid grids helps you to maintain design easily. In addition, this smart blending also helps the overall redesigning process of responsive web is fast and simple. Impact The owners of business ensure that they create the biggest impact with only a handful of resources. Efficiency is a prime factor in this matter. Both responsive web design and mobile design offer different impact. For example, the mobile web offers easy and simple navigation and...

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Best NYC Multi-Ticket Sites

New York City is one of the most popular places to visit in the world. With its world famous sites, it is no surprise that New York City attracts close to 50 million tourists each year. Finding the best way to see the City’s greatest attractions without emptying your wallet can be challenging. Below are two travel guide sites for multi-ticket purchases that stood out to our judges. Winner: CityPASS For tourists interested in visiting some of New York City’s must-see attractions on their next trip to the Big Apple, go to the CityPASS website to help you plan. While the site houses travel details for major cities across North America, you can filter the information by choosing New York as your city of interest. On the site you can view and purchase a CityPASS, a booklet containing six of the most desired New York tickets—without wasting time waiting in long lines. Each CityPASS can save you an impressive $63-79 per person and includes one ticket to each of the following world-famous spots (with some options): The Empire State Building, American Museum of Natural History, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Museum of Modern Art, Top of the Rock or Guggenheim Museum, and Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island or Circle Line Cruises. To further help you plan and organize your trip, the site includes useful information of each attraction location. For example, directions, recommended methods of transportation, attraction highlights and advice for visitors can all be found on the site. In addition, the site has a video explaining what lies ahead once you have purchase a New York CityPASS. An extra bonus is that CityPASS has a mobile version of the site to make travelling on the go that much easier. With CityPASS’s mobile site, you can find attraction details, compare prices, read reviews, watch site videos, use maps to get directions, and even purchase a pass, right from your smart phone. Runner Up: Similar to CityPASS, the New York Pass site...

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Most Tempting Island Destination Websites

Who doesn’t look around their cubicle every once in awhile and wish they were laying on a tropical island beach instead, drinking a frozen cocktail? If you’re like me, you might assuage this wanderlust by browsing the internet and staring at pictures of places much cooler than wherever you are. Assuming I’m not the only one who does this, the Most Tempting Island Destination Website awards were created to help guide your hopeful browsing and are guaranteed to make your current location seem drab and dull in comparison. These awards were given to the site in a given region that most makes you want to put on your swimsuit and sunglasses and hop on a plane. Pacific Islands: The Kingdom of Tonga Halfway across the world from my desk in the U.S., the website for Tonga makes me feel like I’ve been transported to the Pacific Islands and you’ll hear no complaints from me. The stunning pictures of islands and beaches are intermixed with photos of natives and wildlife that indicate there’s more to Tonga than the unspoiled stretches of sand. I’m particularly partial to the “10 Reasons to Discover the True South Pacific” – quite honestly they had me after three but the list is worth reading through. Do you think my boss would accept “I’m on Tonga Time” as an acceptable excuse for missing a deadline? Caribbean: Camana Bay, Grand Cayman When thinking of the Caribbean, the Cayman Islands weren’t usually first to come to mind as a vacation getaway – unless I was imagining I just completed an embezzlement scheme. However, the website for Camana Bay has completely changed that and made me want to “stay for a lifetime,” as their website so kindly invites. With the many things to do in Cayman Islands, a vacation there would not necessarily be idle but it would definitely be relaxing (except maybe when hanging out in Stingray City). Hawaiian Islands: Oahu If you don’t feel like getting a passport for this mental vacation of yours,...

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The Readers’ Resource Awards

Although reading is a pastime that has transcended the ages, the internet has nevertheless revolutionized the overall reading experience. Modern readers have many advantages that weren’t available to their predecessors, including instant access to classic books, highly accurate recommendations, and the ability to connect with people from all over the world who share their reading interests. Best Free Books Site: Project Gutenberg Project Gutenberg, named for the instigator of the European Printing Revolution, holds the title for being the first collection of free electronic books. The founder, Michael Hart, invented eBooks on 1971 and today Project Gutenberg boasts the largest single collection of free eBooks in the world. Comprised mostly of full texts of public domain books, the project is the premier resource for classics, such as The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle and Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, two of its top downloaded titles. Best Online Resource for Readers: What Should I Read Next For any reader has closed the last book in a series and immediately wished there was more, What Should I Read Next can provide the best remedy. When a title and author is input, the site returns with recommendations of what books the reader might enjoy as well. It is based on an expansive community of book lists and compiles recommendations based on the preferences of other readers who have also read that book. Best Social Network for Readers: GoodReads For book lovers everywhere, GoodReads is an invaluable resource on many levels. Calling itself the “largest book social network for readers in the world,” GoodReads allows readers to connect with each other from different corners of the globe. However, its usefulness doesn’t stop there; the network also provides a fantastic way to keep track of the reading habits of a lifetime. With an expansive database, a reader can find almost any book within the system and add it to one of their “shelves.”  Originally, these are simply “Read,” “Currently Reading,” and “To-Read,” but the user...

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Best Live Chat for Customer Service

In this digital age, many people cringe when they realize they will be forced to call a company for a customer service issue.   They shudder to think of the unending keypad options they will have to endure, followed by an interminable amount of time spent on hold and culminating in an extremely poor overall experience.  Even if a business has a perfectly pleasant call center, the dread people feel for this expected experience will often prevent them from calling in, leaving them unsatisfied and less likely to become repeat customers. However, a solution for this problem has come in the form of online live chat options, which some websites offer in addition to phone support.  Usually, the consumer fills out a short form (directing them to the correct person) and then is able to chat in real time with an expert.  Even if there is some waiting time, it gives less of an impression of wasted time, as the person is on their computer and can easily switch to another window in the meantime.  In general, this service elevates a website and heightens the overall customer experience. Winner: 1-800-Contacts When it comes to live chat, the website for 1-800-Contacts wins the prize with their quick responses and overall effectiveness.  Since it’s safe to assume most visitors will be concerned with contacts, the initial form is extremely simple and only asks for a name and how they can help you with your issue.  The response is usually almost instantaneous, even in peak hours, which dramatically reduces the total time of the process. Most important, however, is their commitment to service, which caused them to rise to the top of our “Best Live Chat for Customer Service” list. Not only do they respond quickly, but they actually serve the customer, helping to rectify issues and going out of their way to make the customer happy.  They painlessly send free replacements for defective contacts and offer refunds or free products to appease an unhappy customer. Runner Up:...

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